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"As the parent of a special needs son, there is nothing more important than finding the right advocates who see your kiddo as the brilliant bright light that they are.  Justine is that one in a million soul.  We started working with Justine when our son was just a year and a half.  He was nonverbal and had not expressed any signs of progressing with his speech.  Throughout the last almost two years together, she has spent hours pouring herself into every session and has dipped into a seemingly never ending well of knowledge and creativity to coax out words in a way that is most conducive to our son and his unique developmental journey.  Most kiddos with our sons diagnosis remain non-verbal so we weren’t sure how to anticipate what was ahead.  Despite that, Justine has never focused on what might not be possible nor does accept staying within the bounds of his diagnosis.  She sees our son as a whole, exceptional being and melds together methods to create a protocol that is all his own.  Hearing our son say “Mama” and “Dada” out loud for the first time was a result of all of that hard work and the absolute best, most emotional gift we have ever received.  He now uses a combination of signs and speech and continues to surprise us with new words and ways to communicate.  Not only does Justine work to advocate for our son, but she educates us as family to ensure that we all have the proper tools in our toolbox to empower him inside and outside the sessions.   Through the hard days and the happy, Justine has been a bright spot in navigating the unknown.  As a parent, it’s hard to know where to turn to find the help your kiddo needs.  With Justine, help and support is found and we are so grateful to have her in our lives and in our corner." 


"Justine is everything that a great speech and language therapist should be (and more).  She engages, inspires, and motivates our daughter at every session (even on our daughter's off days) and knows exactly how to keep our daughter focused on the task at hand.  She is the perfect balance of compassion and no-nonsense, and as a result we have seen tremendous improvement in our daughter's ability to communicate.  She is also phenomenal at giving us tools that we can use with our daughter between sessions.  Bottom line...Justine is awesome." 


“I’ve had my 17-year-old daughter seen by many speech-language pathologists in the past years, but none like Justine. Justine is a phenomenal, caring, and patient therapist! She is not only highly skilled and thorough, but embraces my daughter with great love. When hit with resistance, Justine finds other ways and strategies to help my daughter. In turn, we have seen significant growth in her social and pragmatic skills and feel more confident with her ability to make meaningful relationships as she transitions into adulthood. Initially, Justine was coming to our home for sessions until we had to quarantine due to COVID-19. I was a bit skeptical about how my daughter would respond to teletherapy, but decided to give it a try. To my surprise, it turned out to work well! It has proven to be a great way to help my daughter become more independent while learning new skills. I cannot recommend Justine enough. Any child will be lucky to have her as their therapist!”



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